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our treatments

In our clinic we deal with every problem related to dental health. Among them we could underline the following :

1.- Implantology

Nowadays when we lack a dental piece, this absence might be sorted out by implanting a titanium screw with biological match possibility with the bone. This titanium implant will act as the already lost teeth root so after a few months a porcelain crown is placed on the surface once the implant is already integrated within the bone.

Sometimes , while the bone allows it, there is no need to wait so long to place the porcelain crown; as the primary stability of the implant is good enough to place the artificial just a week later.

We use an ultimate technic called ¨ALL IN FOUR¨. Thanks to this technic we might be able to place four implants per arcade . This means that we might place all tooth in one week for toothless patients.

Due to all the impovements that dental assistance is undergoing we are today ready to put implants in places where it would be unacceptable in the past due to the lack of bone.




With the aid of device orthodontic fix the problem of dental overcrowding and the occlusion between the dental arcades in youngsters and adults is possible in shorter periods of time ( around one year) thanks to low friction braquets.

Braquets might be of porcelain ( more aesthetic) or metallic.

Children with temporary tooth sometimes need an orthopaedic treatment of the maxillary bones to correct them . In that way tooth might be treated with fixed orthodoncy in the future.



3.- Prosthesis :

Fix : The metal-porcelain or the new porcelain without metal crowns are used in endodontic tooth with an endanger crown or to fill dental absence.

Removable : Might be skeletal with metal base or partial with resin base . In the case of toothless patients they are called full dentures.

Nowadays where the full prosthesis might face problems of movility they might be sealed to the bone thanks to the titanium implants.


The gums treatment consists of the cleaning with ultrasonic or manual instrument of the area located between the gum and the teeth in order to avoid the fall of the teeth due to periodontal illness., which represent the progressive lost of the bone which keep the dental pieces.

5.-Endodoncy :

The cleaning of the root canal infected by bacteria and the consequent filling of the same with gutta-percha.

6.-Dental aesthetic

Porcelain laminates and whitening treatments might bring back the original colour to tooth which is lost due to different reasons.

7.-Occlusal treatments:

It consist of treating the symptoms derived from an occlusive problem which might affect the jaw articulation with dental rods or carved selective.